Video 15: Fishing Sites

Violot Gellenbeck, Beatrice Morris, Russel Tiljoe, Alfred Joseph amd Agnes Tait share the importance of fishing sites. They share how a community cared for its members as well as the protocol getting permission to fish at a clan fishing site.

Video 16: Preparing Fish

Russel Tiljoe, Marvin George, Delores Alfred, Katheryn Arsenault, Alfred Joseph and Dora Wilson share their stories about the smokehouse tradition.

Video 17: They Lied to Us

Dora Wilson, Katheryn Arsenault, Agnes Tait, Henry Alfred, Beatrice Morris, Marvin George, and Alfred Joseph share their stories about the changing landscape of the Witsuwit'en fisheries at the cost of progress.

Video18: The Loss of Fishing in Hagwilget

Dora Wilson, Alfred Joseph and Marvin George share the history of the devistating impacts of blasting a rock out of Hawilget Canyon on the Gitskan and Witsuwit'en Peoples.

Video 19: There is no Food in the Forest

Russel Tiljoe, Henry Alfred and Mabel Critch (Sam) share the impact of progress on traditional Witsuwit'en terrtiories. They share stories of the loss of clan berry patches and trapping territories.

Video 20: Listen to Us

Dora Wilson introduces the Delgamuukw Gisdewe plantiffs as Tyler narrates the story of the longest court case in Canadian history.

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