Video 10: Working on Hide

Henry Alfred, Lucy Verigin and Sue Alfred share their stories about how they prepared hides with their families.

Video 11: Berries

Russel Tiljoe, Lucy Verigin and Henry Alfred share their personal stories harvesting what nature provides and how they use their harvest.

Video 12: Soapberries

Lucy Verigin and Kathryn Arsenault share stories about how Witsuwit'en people harvest and use soapberries.


Video 13: Birchbark Baskets with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Alfred.

One of the many ways the Witsuwit'en used natural resources to create tools for every day life.

Video 14: Catching Fish with Gaffs and Weirs

Henry Alfred, Marvin George, Alfred Joseph, Lucy Verigin and Kathryn Arsenault share the tradition and methods of harvesting salmon. They also share the impact of progress.

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