Video 6: Acting Out Crests

Vi Gellenbeck, Sue Alfred, Henry Alfred and Lucy Verigin provide first hand accounts of the drama that unfolded in the feast hall where chiefs shared their crests stories or their kenga.

Video 7: People Continued to Gather and Feast

Christine Bucholz, Violet Gellenbeck and Russel Tiljoe share how the Witsuwit'en continued to practice their government traditions (feast) during a time when the feasts were outlawed in Canada.

Video 8: Transportation

Lucy Verigin and Russel Tiljoe share stories about how the Witsuwit'en moved around the territories.

Video 9: Going Trapping

Lucy Verigin, Henry Alfred, Russel Tiljoe and Sue Alfred share their stories about the trapping economy in Witsuwit'en country.


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