The Heartbeat of Our Ancestors

The purpose of this project was to record traditional and contemporary Witsuwit'en music.  The songs in this booklet are written as they were sung at the time of recording, and reflect the personal style and knowledge of the individual singers.  We respectfully acknowledge that there may be variations in wording depending on who sings these songs.  Since traditional times we have intermarried and feasted with our Gitxsan and Nedut'en (Babine) neighbours, which is why we share many of the same songs today, as included in this compilation.  Our Elders shared their songs for the purpose of educating Witsuwit'en people.  This project is not for profit, but for the benefit of our Nation.  It is our hope that these songs and stories are not forgotten, and are shared with future generations of Witsuwit'en learners.  

Copies of this book & CD set are available for purchase at a cost of $25.00 each through our Aboriginal Education Office located at 3603-3rd Ave., PO Box 758, Smithers BC  V0J 2N0 or by email:

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