Untold HistoryUntold History, Understanding the Impact of Indian Residential School on Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples, is a series of lessons created for students to develop an understanding of how residential schools impacted Aboriginal people across Canada. It is my hope that through these lessons, students will gain compassion and empathy for experiences faced by Aboriginal people in the past, and how these experiences continue to affect the Aboriginal community today.

By incorporating literature circles with the lessons found within this unit, the majority of learning outcomes for Grade 7 Language Arts will be met. As well, many of the learning outcomes for Social Studies are met. The recommended literature and corresponding lessons address the overreaching goal of the BC Social Studies curriculum which is “to develop thoughtful, responsible, active citizens who are able to acquire the requisite information to consider multiple perspectives and to make reasoned judgments. Students will be able to critically reflect upon events and issues in order to examine the present, make connections with the past, and consider the future.”

If the teacher has access to members of the Aboriginal community, it is recommended that speakers be brought into the classroom to tell firsthand how the experience of residential school impacted them and their families. If this is not possible, there are interviews available online. I have included several useful websites, and many more can be found through relevant searches.

 Copies of this book are available for purchase at a cost of $25.00 each through our Aboriginal Education Office located at 3603-3rd Ave., PO Box 758, Smithers BC  V0J 2N0 or by email:

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